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Poetry Project

The Poetry Project

The Poetry ProjectThis trimester you will explore many different types of poetry. You will learn techniques you can use to read a poem to get the most meaning out of it. You will learn to recognize many literary devices, and to recognize different styles of poems. We will be analyzing poems in terms of meaning and use of literary devices. You will also write your own poetry and create a Poem Movie that demonstrates your knowledge of the subject.

If you don't like poetry, or are sure that you just couldn't write any, hang in there with me! I promise you'll have fun! Especially at the Poetry Cafe, where we spend 2 days sharing our poetry in a cafe setting.

Choose the links below for assignment, graphic organizer, and other help.

Some students have created movies to express their interpretation of the poem.  Check these out!

A Passing Glimplse Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Poetry Cafe 2010