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Students fascinated by WWII speakers
Students Fascinated by WWII Speakers

E.V. Cain Charter Middle School students circled around World War II veteran Commander Francis Ferry as he shared his war stories - namely co-leading the team that sunk the Japanese warship YAMATO at just 25 years old.
Suzanne Scotten, who created the heroes project and assigns it to her students each year said her students are tasked with finding people who have overcome great adversity or done something to benefit the planet and sharing their story with others through multimedia.

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What's Your Story? 

Everyone has a story and we have been studying stories all year:  Anne Frank, Cesar Chavez, The Slave Dancer, Freedom Writers, Rosa Parks and Charly Gordon are just some of the people we've read about.  Now, you're about to set off on a journey to find a story you can tell. There are many unsung heroes---ordinary people doing extraordinary things---in our community, state, country and world.  Your job is to find a person who is doing something extraordinary to help "repair the world" or a person who has lived through adversity that we can learn from.

The best projects will be featured on my website, and perhaps even nationally on the Lowell Milken Center Website at the link below This project combines all the skills we have learned and practiced this year: research, interviewing, writing, grammar, tech skills, communication and more.  Good luck, enjoy, learn, and have fun!   

Check out this site to see the inspiration for our Heroes Project.   Lowell Milken Center

The Ted Robinson Project
An Unsung Hero Project by Mrs. Scotten's 8th Grade GATE Class 2014.

Heroes Project Assignment           Steps for a Successful Project       Heroes Project Grid     Background Info Form

Heroes Project Proposal               Techniques for a Successful Interview       Thank you note basics

See some great projects from previous students.

You can also go to  to see the videos on YouTube.

Gloria Luppens, By Janelle Rios Wounded Warriors, By Jacob Edwards
UCP Wheels for Humanity, By Courtney Hanaway Auburn Community Garden, By Payton Ambrosia, Solina Hambaz and Hanna Redenbo
Brian Watwood, By Kelly Randazzo and Sydney Bonino Charles Moore, By Bailey Semmens and Jordan T. Cates
Tom Dwelle: Modern Day Hero, By Evan Critchfield and Will Buell  
Acres of Hope Derek Ikeda: In Search of Heroes
Deanie Block Greg Mortinson
Esther Anderson Crisis in the Congo
Barbara Rose Johns Matthew Heck
The Candy Bomber Students Talk about the Project
Esther Breeler  2010 Courage House  2010
Cambodia Genocide  2010 Schizophrenia  2010
Sophal Stagg  2010 John W. Finn  2010
Saddle Pals  2010 442nd Regimental Combat Team
Vickie Winkler: AIDS in Kenya