Mrs. Scotten's 8th Grade Language Arts Class - You Only Need to Do Two Things to Succeed in my Class: Show Up and Follow Up!  


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some of the stuff you really want to know...


FAQ1) What do I have to do to succeed in your class?

Just two things:  SHOW UP and FOLLOW UP!  Be at school every day, and do what I ask you to do when I ask you to do it.  If you do those things, you will learn, you will pass, and you will grow!

2) Is it hard to get an A in your class?

Well, kind of, I mean it is an A, isn't it?  Not everyone is an A student, but most students, IF they do the work, succeed and learn in my class.

3) What is the hardest thing we'll do this year?

Probably the research paper.  It's a tough assignment, but it's probably the most important skill I'll teach you.  You can use what you learn in both high school and college.

4) Do we do any fun stuff in your class?

No.   Just kidding... learning IS fun!  If the classes are well-behaved and doing their work on time, we have time for some relevant movies, jeopardy games, art projects and more.  If the classes are behind because they are late, then the fun stuff gets cut.

5) How old are you? 

(Admit it, you wanted to know.)  61 and a half.  My birthday is February 6th, and my favorite flavor is vanilla.