Mrs. Scotten's 8th Grade Language Arts Class - You Only Need to Do Two Things to Succeed in my Class: Show Up and Follow Up!  

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Welcome to 8th Grade Language Arts!

Welcome to 8th Grade Language Arts!I am excited about working with the class of 2014.

We have a lot to do to get you ready for high school, and I am confident you will be well-prepared when you finish my class.

Since I will be learning a lot about you, I thought it only fair that you should know something about me. Before I became a teacher, I worked making wooden puzzles for children...

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Student Corner

Study guides and vocabulary flashcards will help you learn the literature and grammar terms.
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THANK YOU AUBURN EDUCATION FOUNDATION!  We purchased 9 video cameras for student use at EV Cain with your grant money!

SCHOLASTIC BOOKS!  You can order online and our class gets free books.  Just use this code:


The Poetry Project
This quarter you will explore many different types of poetry. You will learn techniques you can use to read a poem to get the most meaning out of it.
Poetry project >> bring teens info about their favorite authors, books, series and characters.
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